PLANCKS 2021 Preliminaries

The results of PLANCKS 2021 Polish Preliminaries are finally here!

Before we announce who will be representing Poland during PLANCKS 2021 Porto, we’d like to thank everyone who helped us with organizing this special event!

The absorbing problems you solved during the competition were prepared by: prof. dr hab. Romuald Lemański, dr inż. Janusz Andrzejewski, dr hab. Paweł Gusin, dr hab. inż. Janusz Jacak, dr hab. inż. Witold Jacak, dr hab. inż. Andrzej Janutka, dr inż. Maciej Pieczarka, dr inż. Radosław Strzałka, dr inż. Karol Tarnowski

The solutions were graded by our amazing jury: dr inż. Michał Gawełczyk, dr Barbara Grygiel, dr Konrad Patucha, dr Adam Sajna

We would all like to thank you for your irreplaceable support! Without you, this event wouldn’t have been the same

And of course, we would like to thank our organizing committee: Damian Ziomko – Organizing Director, Kamil Bruchal, Magdalena Gołębiowska, Agnieszka Jażdżewska

Now, the moment everyone has been waiting for — the official results of PLANCKS 2021 Polish Preliminaries!

  • 1st place (points: 62.25) TEAM – University of Warsaw: Jan Chojnacki, Krzysztof Mękała, Bartosz Zawora, Jakub Reszke
  • 2nd place (points: 57) TEAM – University of Warsaw: Kuba Krawczyk, Filip Bojdecki, Adam Prystupiuk, Marek Wesołowski
  • 3rd place (points: 25) TEAM – AGH: Daniel Grzelec, Wojciech Sokołowski, Kacper Kaperek, Paweł Rybczyński

Honourable mention (points: 13) TEAM – WUST: Konrad Mickiewicz, Paulina Justyna Prusik, Jakub Jeremiasz Opala, Gracjan Dawid Tokarz

Honourable mention (points: 9) TEAM – WUST: Dawid Dworzański, Samuel Henry, Kamil Jamroszczyk, Jakub Rybka

Congratulations to every team, you did great!

Thank you for participating and we hope you had great fun! The winners will be representing Poland during PLANCKS 2021 Porto. We will keep our fingers crossed for you!

Thanks once again to #NablaPWr for the fantastic preliminaries!

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